Choir Performance:

Salt Galata

January 23 – March 23, 2024

Salttabirgece Web 108 Chromas koro performansı, Salt Galata, 12 Aralık 2023
Fotoğraf: Salih Üstündağ
Chromas choir performance, Salt Galata, December 12, 2023
Photo: Salih Üstündağ
Taking its name from the Latin word for “colors,” Chromas brings together a wide range of styles, from contemporary jazz to folk arrangements, under the direction of Başak Doğan since 2015. Embracing the polyphonic, diverse, and colorful Eurasian culture, with each member representing a unique color, the choir explores and designs new musical and stage experiences.

The tailor-made choral performance by Chromas will accompany the light installation SPEKTRUM at Salt Galata, which offers an opportunity to explore the architectural features of the building with a play of light and shadow representing the solar cycle.


Tuesday, January 23, 19.00
Saturday, February 24, 17.00
Saturday, March 23, 17.00

This free-admission program is open to everyone.

Limited seats. No reservations.