Salt Research Funds 2024 Applications

1 Ahizm245 Gima Mağazası Parfüm Standı, Kızılay, Ankara
Salt Araştırma, Fotoğraf ve Kartpostal Arşivi
Perfume stand at the Gima Store in Kızılay, Ankara
Salt Research, Photographs and Postcards Archive
Initiated to further the institution’s commitment to critical thinking, interdisciplinary research, co-learning, and discussion, Salt Research Funds has supported a total of 74 projects since 2013.

Salt Research Funds encourage original research projects focusing on the urban, social, and economic history of Turkey from the 19th century to the present, and post-1950s art, architecture, and design practices.

The funds are geared towards studies examining local cases related to social changes and transformations from diverse perspectives, as well as those shedding light on new sources. Projects that undertake Salt’s archival collections are especially encouraged.

The pre-application period for the 2024 edition will run from January 16 until February 19, and the second round of applications will last until March 18. Following the two-stage application process, the selected research projects will be announced on April 26, and each project will receive a funding support of 35,000 TL. The outputs of these projects will be presented in a public program in December 2024.

This year’s applications will be reviewed and assessed by the selection committee, comprising Prof. Dr. Gülhan Balsoy (İstanbul Bilgi University), Assoc. Dr. Ayşe Erek (Kadir Has University), Dr. Bilge İmamoğlu (TED University), Sezin Romi (Salt), and Lorans Tanatar Baruh (Salt).

The project applications are required to be related to Salt Research’s areas of interest:

Studies on art focus on Turkey’s cultural and artistic environment from the 1950s to the present, aiming to foreground sources related to critical moments, individuals, institutions, or exhibitions that have historical significance.

Studies on architecture and design encompass projects that bring original approaches to existing sources on architectural practices and design perspectives in post-1950s Turkey.

Studies on urban, social, and economic history include research on the social and economic transformation from the 19th-century Ottoman Empire to 20th-century Turkey.

Both the application process and presentations will be held in Turkish.