Sound of Green

Özcan Ertek

Salt Beyoğlu

June 5 – July 28, 2024

Yesilin Sesi V6 Yapay zekâ tarafından üretilen görsel
Christian Schmidts ve Özcan Ertek'in izniyle
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Courtesy Christian Schmidts and Özcan Ertek
Winter Garden

Warm Earth Sounds for Plants and the People Who Love Them begins on June 5, World Environment Day, with Özcan Ertek’s installation Sound of Green.

The installation features auditory stimuli placed along the glass walls of the Winter Garden. The glass becomes a resonant membrane, while the space serves as a speaker broadcasting soft and immersive soundscapes. These broadcasted compositions offer an aural environment that aims to create a “growth effect” for the plants in the garden.

The program is realized as part of L’Internationale’s Museum of the Commons project and with the support of EK BİÇ YE İÇ.

Özcan Ertek is a musician and artist from Istanbul, based in Berlin. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, he received his master’s at the Istanbul Technical University Centre for Advanced Studies in Music (ITU MIAM) and completed the Art and Media Program at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). In addition to performing as a musician, Ertek has produced works for various art spaces and sound studios. Since 2018, he has exhibited kinetic sound installations featuring new media and mechanics. His interdisciplinary work explores human-machine-nature interactions and the social impact of new technologies.