Open Call: The Piracy Project
at SALT Research

Salt Galata

March 6 – March 31, 2012

SALT Research

AND Publishing and SALT Research are now inviting contributions to The Piracy Project, an international publishing and exhibition project exploring the philosophical, legal, and practical implications of book piracy and creative modes of reproduction. Building from this open call in İstanbul, Eva Weinmayr, artist and co-director of AND Publishing, will develop a platform at SALT Research for exploring issues raised by acts of cultural piracy.

To make a contribution to The Piracy Project:

• Select a publication of personal significance.
• Drawing from your understanding of “piracy” and “reproduction,” allow yourself to add, cut, or modify the book in any way that will reflect upon or improve it.
• Write a short synopsis of your publication and intervention together with your contact details.
• Drop off your publication at SALT Galata to be exhibited during the month of March as part of The Piracy Project.
• The work will be catalogued and added to the Piracy Collection. It will be exhibited at the Byam Shaw Reading Room in London and subsequently tour internationally.

This project is not primarily concerned with stealing or forgery, it is about creating a platform to explore the spectrum of copying, re-editing, translating, paraphrasing, imitating, re-organizing, manipulating already existing works. Here, creativity and originality is not located in the borrowed material itself, but in the way this material is handled.

The Piracy Project is run by Andrea Francke and Eva Weinmayr, as part of AND Publishing’s research program.

Questions or comments can be directed to Eva Weinmayr at: