Talk by Joep van Lieshout

The New Tribal Labyrinth

Salt Beyoğlu

April 6, 2012 19.00

Joep van Lieshout

SALT Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema

The New Tribal Labyrinth is an ongoing series of works by Atelier van Lieshout in which recurring themes such as the organization of labor, the structures of power and revolution are linked to the end of the world’s resources and subsequent autarky, culminating in a new, tribal world order. The New Tribal Labyrinth suggests an alternative world, inhabited by an imaginary tribe. Based on farming and industry, this new world will have a ritualistic and tribal nature. Thus, objects for farming, industry and rituals are the main focus of work of this Gesamtkunstwerk.

Founded by Joep van Lieshout in 1995 in Rotterdam, Atelier van Lieshout (AVL) is a multidisciplinary company that operates internationally in the field of contemporary art, design and architecture. AVL’s work ranges from sculptures to furniture, from bathrooms and mobile home units to complete architectural refurbishments. AVL has attained international recognition for objects and interventions that exist on the borderline between art, architecture and design. These practical, uncomplicated and substantial proposals explore recurring themes such as power, politics, authority, life and death.

AVL has exhibited internationally at institutions such as Centre Pompidou, Paris (2011); Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2006, 2001, 1990); Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (2005, 1998); Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam (1999, 1990); MoMA, New York (1995) and in major exhibitions including the Venice Biennale (2003) and the São Paulo Biennial, Brazil (2002, 1994).

The Technocrat, a work by Atelier van Lieshout from the Van Abbemuseum’s collection, is on view at SALT Beyoğlu as part of the İstanbul Eindhoven- SALTVanAbbe: Post ’89 exhibition.

The talk will be held in English.

This talk is supported by The Mondriaan Fund.