Salt Beyoğlu

April 17, 2012 18.30


SALT Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema

“The introduction of zero in Europe coincided with that of the banknote in finance and the perspective point in drawing. So, from a European perspective, the signifier of nothingness is also the reference point of the origin of everything. But on a more mundane note, this also allowed for the financial system as we know it (and still rely on) today: without zero, positive and negative balances would not be possible.” -A follower of the “One day, everything will be free…” project

Somewhere between an unguided tour and yoga nidra for the cultural institution, an exploration in nothingness will bring to the forefront the infinite possibilities encapsulated in nothing. This event will not consist of lectures, artist presentations, or video screenings. Nobody is planning to organize a question and answer period. It might just be an opportunity-collectively, individually, or somewhere in-between–to grasp the significance of nothing.