Staging Knowledge

Salt Galata

June 15 – June 16, 2012

Rehearsal for Parliament                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Inci Eviner, <i>Rehearsal for Parliament</i>, 2009
İnci Eviner, Rehearsal for Parliament, 2009

SALT Galata, Workshop II-III

The current situation of research-based artistic practices could be considered an experiment-based experience where predominantly laboratory-type settings and working methods produce artistic thought processes connected with specific forms of knowledge.

The issue of idiosyncratic forms of presentation is the starting point for Staging Knowledge, a two-day event organized by Changing Identities and Contexts in the Arts (CICA), curated by İnci Eviner, Jan Kaila and Henk Slager in collaboration with SALT.

Starting from the concept of artistic knowledge production, the participating artists discuss and demonstrate how performative dimensions play a significant role in – rehearsing - various practices such as interventions in public space, formulation of artistic and research strategies, development of display systems and curatorial perspectives, and generation of artists’ texts and artists’ lectures.

CICA is coordinated by the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Other partners are the Community Relations and Development unit of the Finnish National Gallery, The University of Gothenburg, Goteborgs Konsthall, The University of Leeds, The Henry Moore Institute, and Project Space Leeds. CICA examines artistic and arts research as well as changes in the European artists’ identity. Staging Knowledge rethinks and repositions these issues in conceiving İstanbul as a place of connectivity: a place where different models of understanding and thinking are mutually inspiring.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

The program will be held in English.

Friday, June 15


10.15-11.15 / Introductions

Vasıf Kortun (Director, SALT Research and Programs): Opening Remarks

Jan Kaila (Head Doctoral Programme, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki): The CICA Project

İnci Eviner (Associate Professor, Kadir Has University, İstanbul): Unknown Knows

Jan Svenungsson (Professor, University of Applied Arts, Vienna): The Nature of Artistic Knowledge

12.15 -13.00
Burak Delier (PhD Researcher, Yildiz Technical University, İstanbul): Yöntem Olarak Çelişki [Contradiction as a Method] (Consecutive interpretation from Turkish to English)

Moderator: Henk Slager (Visiting Professor, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki)


Jyrki Siukonen (Professor, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki): Me Tarzan, you research-based artist. Remarks on words and working knowledge.

Can Altay (Assistant Professor, İstanbul Bilgi University; PhD, Bilkent University, Ankara): COHAB: An assembly of spare parts

Jalal Toufic (Professor, Kadir Has University, İstanbul): Dying Before Dying; or, Living to Tell the Tale (via Skype)

Moderator: Schelte van Ruiten


17.30 - 19.30 / Performative Lecture, Screenings

Zeynep Günsur (Assistant Professor, Kadir Has University, İstanbul): Cind-rella/Clay-woman

Eija-Liisa Ahtila (Doctoral Candidate, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki): The Annunciation, 37’, 2011

Mika Taanila (Finnish film director and visual artist): Futuro - A New Stance for Tomorrow, 29’, 1998

Jalal Toufic: Lebanese Performance Art; Circle: Ecstatic; Class: Marginalized; Excerpt 3, 5’, 2007

Burak Delier: Collector’s Wish, 8’30”, 2011

İnci Eviner: Parliament, 3’, 2010

Zeynep Günsur: Clay -Women with Wolves in the Forest, 3’, 2010

İz Öztat (PhD Researcher, Yildiz Technical University, İstanbul): Reclaiming by Revalation, 20’, 2010

Moderator: Mika Hannula (Professor, Unibersity of Gothenburg)

Saturday, June 16


Andreas Gedin (PhD, Unibersity of Gothenburg): And so on…

Güven İncirlioğlu (Associate Professor, İzmir University of Economics; PhD, Bilkent University, Ankara): The Sea Image: On intimate Knowledge

Roger Palmer (Professor, University of Leeds): Spiral and other works

Moderator: Helka Ketonen (Senior Adviser, Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki)


Silja Rantanen (Professor, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki): On Puppet Theatre, Gesamtkunstwerk, Museum Displays and Artistic Research as a Style

İz Öztat: Display and Preservation: Installation as Heritage Site

Simon Lewandowski (Artist and lecturer in fine arts, University of Leeds): The Imagining Machine: A problem

Ahmet Öğüt (Visiting Lecturer DAI, Arnhem): Strategic Diagram for Non-hierarchical Participatory Radical Democracy

Mick Wilson (Dean, GradCAM, Dublin): Closing Remarks

Moderator: Kimmo Sarje (Research Coordinator, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki)