Art Facts
Part II


JUNE 19, 2012 14.00

SALT Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema

As the second part of Burak Delier’s Art Facts project, the results of the SALT institutional performance measurement survey will presented to representatives of the Research and Programs, Marketing and Management departments of Garanti Kültür Inc. This presentation will be broadcast live in the Walk-in Cinema at SALT Beyoğlu, thus rendering visible a critical moment of the managerial and corporate performance evaluation process.

The broadcast will consist of a presentation by a research and consultant professional based on empirical data, to be followed by a discussion: what is SALT’s socal impact? How successful is SALT in attaining its goals and how can it overcome its deficencies? How and by what conceptual instruments is it that numerical data, quite meaningless on their own, become effective and are narrativized?

The meeting will be realized in Turkish.

About Art Facts

Art Facts is an artist project measuring the institutional performance of SALT. The research project is conducted by artist Burak Delier within the framework of “One day, everything will be free…”

Appropriating research techniques developed according to a contemporary managerial logic, the project has begun with an institutional survey realized through on-site interviews. Attempting to situate SALT within its economic, social, and political coordinates, the questions asked to the participants at SALT Beyoğlu were simple, yet difficult to answer: Why is SALT free even though it is a private institution? Why have the bank, which is a representative of pure economic rationale, and art, which has dared not to claim responsibility in so many recent art historical incidents become tools for “social responsibility” projects? What is the effect of SALT on our lives and thoughts? Is SALT able to achieve its goals and if so, to what extent?

This project was supported by KONDA.

Who is Burak Delier?

Burak Delier is an artist living in İstanbul. In Collector’s Wish (2012), he realized an art work conceived by the collector Saruhan Doğan. At the 2010 Taipei Biennial, Delier presented the workings of the Biennial institution and the critical potential of art by surveying the Biennial staff–from the decision-makers to the interns. Delier finished his MA in the Art and Design Department at Yıldız Technical University and continues to pursue a PhD in art practice at the same institution.

About Garanti Kültür Inc.

Garanti Kültür AŞ is SALT’s legal entity, established to engage in cultural services such as research, publication, exhibitions, and other projects.

Participants of the Meeting

Vasıf Kortun (Director, SALT Research and Programs,
and Garanti Kültür Inc.)
Sima Benaroya (Director, SALT Marketing and Management,
and Garanti Kültür Inc.)
November Paynter (Associate Director, SALT Research and Programs)
Meriç Öner (Associate Director, SALT Research and Programs)
Lorans Baruh (Associate Director, SALT Research and Programs)
Ceylan Tokcan (Associate Director, SALT Marketing and Management)
Hülya Kök (Associate Director, SALT Human Resources and Management)