SALT Writing Program

Salt Beyoğlu

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Basrolünde Nicolas Cage’in oynadigi <i>Adaptation</i> [Tersyüz] (2002) filminden bir kare<br />
Yönetmen: Spike Jonze, Senaryo: Charlie ve Donald Kaufman © Columbia Pictures
Nicolas Cage in Adaptation (2002), directed by Spike Jonze, screenplay by Charlie and Donald Kaufman © Columbia Pictures
SALT is organizing a non-systematic, non-hierarchical series of small-scale meetings that will focus on writing. Taking a broad approach, these meetings are meant to create a stimulating exchange; discussions are not limited to arts professionals, nor do they call for specialization.

Sometimes functioning like a reading club, other times as writing camps, or intensive workshops, the SALT Writing Program aims to contribute to informed and creative cultural debate, production, and critique for practitioners as well as for aspiring professionals. While some participants will be asked to attend on an invitation basis, half of the group will be formed through an open call.

The first few meetings of the series will be led by Shumon Basar, who is on a research residency in the framework of the collaboration between SALT, British Council and NOA. The first meeting will take place at SALT Beyoğlu on November 15, 21.00.

To join the meeting, plese email your name and last name, and your phone number to until November 12, Monday.

Basar’s meetings will be held in English.

In collaboration with the British Council and NOA.
About Shumon Basar
Shumon Basar is a writer. His edited books include Translated By [Tercüme Eden] (also an exhibition at SALT Galata in 2012), Hans Ulrich Obrist Interviews Volume 2 (2010), and was author of the artist book, Do You Often Confuse Love with Fame and With Success? (2012). He is contributing editor at Bidoun magazine and Editor at Large at Tank magazine. Shumon is currently working on his novel, World! World! World!.

“Writers write. Though most of the time, they don’t write. They may talk about writing, its moral function, the sublime poetry of semi-colons; but often they prefer to talk about not writing. ‘It’s so hard. My head feels like marshmallow.’ Writers speak about writing as though they were prisoners on an ununionised factory-floor, a workforce of one (‘Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle’ - George Orwell). Writers can get irritated (‘I write because I hate’ - W.H. Gass) and are often irritating to listen to. Despite these incriminations, most of mankind finds the pursuit of writing noble. Why?

I plan on presenting frank reflections from the lives of writers worth reading. In fact, reading is writing a priori writing. Keywords include: Voice, Sentence, Table, Anxiety, Clicking, Routine, Pseudoreality, Good-Posture and Bad-Ontology.

These small-scaled, late-evening sessions are for and by writers. With SALT, I’ll be inviting figures from criticism, literature, journalism and arts-writing to share their peculiar passions, favourite irritations and creation myths with a like-minded group of writing practitioners from Istanbul.”
- Shumon Basar