Wim Wenders' Road Movie Trilogy

Alice In Den Städten
[Alice In The Cities]

Salt Beyoğlu

July 9, 2011 14.00

Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin was a devoted traveler. He would produce works during his travels, or bring a luggage full of material that would later lead to a new work. Wim WendersRoad Movie Trilogy, which includes Alice in den Städten (1974), Falsche Bewegung (1975) and Im Lauf der Zeit (1976), will be screened in July to follow Alptekin’s traces.

From Alice in den Städten [Alice in the Cities]:
- You weren’t supposed to take photos. Just write a story.
- Yes, I know. But the story is about things you see - it’s about signs and images.