Workshop: Process­ing Identities

Salt Galata

April 13, 2013 14.00 – 15.30

Kraliçe Hacked by Anna Bitzer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Kraliçe Hacked; S-A-L-T harfleri ile ECAL/Anna Bitzer
Kraliçe Hacked; S-A-L-T letters by ECAL/Anna Bitzer

SALT Galata, Workshop II-III

The pace at which technology develops causes an overload of information that we continuously experience in our daily lives. It is now even more crucial to be able to create great design using only simple instruments such as alphabets, words and letters. Symbols have been used as vessels of communication for centuries, and today, we still need this visualization of shapes for communicating design.

What can be expressed with typography today? What changes are required for the manipulation of shapes and letters to create typographic pictures? How can an identity be modified through typography and the manipulation of its letterforms? How relevant is the design of lettering?

SALT Interpretation invites college students to the “Processing Identities” workshop, which will be held at SALT Galata on April 13. The workshop, led by typographer Anna Bitzer, will focus on the issue of identity, inviting the participants to examine the process of creation of a personality for a feeling or an abstract concept while considering questions of legibility. Each student will be free to choose an idea, concept or feeling that s/he wants to work on, be it the flavor of a favorite food or the smell of spring. The working method can be either digital or by hand. The aim of this workshop is to create a poster with manipulated lettering, which will showcase the various steps of the making process.
The workshop will be held in English.
Maximum number of participants: 20 students.
For more information and to make a reservation:
(0212) 334 22 31
Anna Bitzer
After receiving her B.A. in Visual Communication from the School of Design of Pforzheim University, Anna Bitzer is now working towards her M.A. degree at ECAL, Ecole Cantonale D´Art Lausanne, Switzerland. She designs fonts as well as printed matter such as magazines, catalogues as well as books, and works as a freelance editor. Bitzer designed Kraliçe Hacked for SALT in January 2013.