Exhibition Critique
by Yılmaz Aysan:
"Scared of Murals"

Salt Beyoğlu

April 20, 2013 14.00

Exhibition Critique by Şener Özmen                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Şener Özmen ile Eleştirel Sergi Turu: <i>"Duvar resminden korkuyorlar"</i>
Nisan 2013
Exhibition Critique by Şener Özmen: "Scared of Murals"
April 2013

SALT Beyoğlu

The final exhibition critique tour that SALT Interpretation is organizing for “Scared of Murals” will be led by the artist Yılmaz Aysan. During these events, conducted by an expert from a different discipline each month, students explore the exhibition’s content and engage in a discussion on the themes and intentions of the exhibition.

To join the final tour led by artist, graphic designer and researcher Yılmaz Aysan, please email your full name, the name of your university and the program you are attending to: yorumlama@saltonline.org.

The tours will be held in Turkish, and are limited to 12 participants.

Yılmaz Aysan (1953) designed political and cultural posters while a student at the Deparment of Architecture, METU, from 1970 to 1976. He received his first award with the work Yalnızım [I am lonely] in a contemporary art competition organized by Istanbul Art Festival in 1981. His first solo show was held at Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery in Ankara in 1985. Aysan created the Corridor Mail Art series between 1988-1997 in collaboration with other artists. He participated in numerous group exhibitions and received various awards in art and design competitions. Aysan has two books, titled Posters of ‘68 (2008, Metis Publishing) and Posters of the Leftist Movement (2013, İletişim Publishing).