Perfor­mance by Fuji Kureta

Intimate Session

Salt Beyoğlu

May 21, 2011 18.30 – 20.00

Fuji Kureta is an electronica duo formed in August 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey. When singer Deniz Öztürk and composer Şahin Kureta met, they began working together, composing lyrics in both French and English. The duo’s sound oscillates between soft but strong melodies and inventive beats.

Fuji Kureta won the Best Electronica Production award in the Miller Music Factory Contest (2009) in Turkey, and in May 2010 performed in Istanbul at the Miller Freshtival. The band has made radio appearances in France (Radio Prun’, Alternantes), Germany (Laut FM-Radio internet radio), Turkey (Dinamo FM, Radyo Eksen, Açık Radyo), the Czech Republic (Radio1.CZ) and Slovakia (RadioFM). It also appeared on Turkey’s national Dream TV alternative music channel. In 2010, Fuji Kureta released their SWEETS EP with Slovakian label Gergaz Records.