VOTI Union of the Imaginary
A Curators Forum

Voti Union Of The Imaginary A Curators Forum
499 pages, 2013
March 31, 1998: New York.
Carlos Basualdo and Hans-Ulrich Obrist found the digital forum Union of the Imaginary (VOTI) in a meeting with Jordan Crandall. Later in the year Susan Hapgood is invited to help run the VOTI platform. Initially established as a permanent forum for the discussion of issues pertaining to curatorial practice in the context of contemporary society, over fifty arts professionals were invited to contribute to the forum by participating in themed conversations.

This e-publication gathers together hundreds of e-mails mainly sourced from Robert Fleck Archives, Lannion; and Wolfgang Staehle, Walter Palmetshofer and Max Kossatz of The Thing. There is a growing archive of materials on VOTI available at SALT.

Edited by Susan Hapgood, Vasıf Kortun and November Paynter
Book design: Project Projects
Artwork: Gülsüm Kekeç, Dilek Turan (SALT Research and Programs)
ISBN: 978-9944-731-37-9


  • Introduction
  • VOTI Timeline
  • Members of VOTI, 1998 - 2000
  • Vita VOTI
  • In Conversation
  • VOTI Forum
  • VOTI FORUM Chapter I The Museum of the XXI Century
  • VOTI FORUM Chapter II The Economy of the Art World
  • VOTI FORUM Chapter III The Whitney Letter and FRACS
  • VOTI FORUM Chapter IV The Trial of Pol Pot
  • VOTI FORUM Chapter V Frieze and Artforum
  • VOTI FORUM Chapter VI Cultural Practice and War
  • VOTI FORUM Chapter VII Sensation
  • VOTI FORUM Chapter VIII ARCO 2000