Docu­mentary Days For
High School Students

Salt Galata

October 1, 2013 – January 10, 2014

Bir Avuç Cesur İnsan (2011) <i>Bir Avuç Cesur İnsan</i> (2011)
Bir Avuç Cesur İnsan (2011)
High school students are invited to participate in “Documentary Days,” which will be held at SALT Galata during the fall semester of the 2013-2014 academic year. This program features three documentaries titled My Playground (2009), directed by Kaspar Astrup Schröder; Bir Avuç Cesur İnsan (2011), directed by Rüya Arzu Köksal; and Garod (2013), directed by Onur Günay and Burcu Yıldız.

Schröder’s documentary, My Playground explores how the Parkour and Freerunning movements changed perceptions of public space and, in turn, how these disciplines are shaped by the urban environment. Bir Avuç Cesur İnsan powerfully chronicles the extraordinary struggle of the people of Çağlayan, İkizdere and Senoz –three valleys in the Black Sea region– to protect their rivers and their livelihood from the heavy machinery being brought into the area to build hydroelectric power stations. Garod is about the lives and the musical stories of two Armenian musicians – a father and his son, Onnik Dinkjian and Ara Dinkjian – and tells the story of the remaking of a musical tradition and life in the diaspora.

The screenings are open to all high school students.
Free shuttle service will be provided for public schools.

To make a reservation for your group or get detailed information:
(0212) 334 2231


October 1, November, December 10 and January 10
Bir Avuç Cesur İnsan (2011)
Rüya Arzu Köksal
87 minutes
Turkish without subtitles

November 23, November 28 and December 25
My Playground (2009)
Kaspar Astrup Schröder
50 minutes
English with Turkish subtitles

October 23, November 12 and December 3
Garod (2013)
Onur Günay and Burcu Yıldız
52 minutes
Turkish, English and Armenian with Turkish subtitles