Workshop: Conscious,
Subconscious and Photography

Salt Galata

October 8 – December 17, 2013

October 8, October 11, November 15, November 19, December 17

SALT Interpretation invites high school students to participate in a workshop, titled “Conscious, Subconscious and Photography,” which aims to develop students’ photography knowledge and skills. The workshop will encourage participants to question the rhythmic synchronization between photography and daily life and how the details of daily life are reflected through photography subconsciously. These workshops, led by photographer Dilan Bozyel, are organized within the scope of Elio Montanari’s photography exhibition at SALT Galata, titled One, No One and One Hundred Thousand.

Starting with an exhibition tour led by the SALT Interpretation team, the workshop program will focus on Montanari’s works as well as the photographer’s inspiration, psychology and subconscious tendencies. During the workshop, students will carry out activities to explore the subconscious mind through chosen words, images, tastes, colors and music. They will also understand the ways that analogue photography works, by learning to build a 35mm “Do-It-Yourself” SLR camera. At the end of the workshop, each student will create his/her own collage by using different materials based on the concept of a chosen word that is drawn from a subjective reading of the works in the exhibition. All projects will be exhibited on Pinterest.

Dilan Bozyel (1985, Diyarbakır) studied advertising, art management and photography respectively in London. She currently conducts workshops on photography and perception for primary and high school students especially in areas of East Turkey. Bozyel also gives photography and perception classes as a guest lecturer at different universities.

Each workshop will be held in Turkish and is limited to 15 students.
Free shuttle services will be provided to public schools.

For more information and reservation:
(0212) 334 22 31