Workshop: Typeface Design

Salt Galata

October 25 – December 19, 2013

October 25, November 14, November 27, December 19

SALT Interpretation invites high school students to participate in the workshop “Typeface Design,” which aims to explore the fundamentals of typography theoretically and practically. During the workshop, led by art director Zeynep Akay, students will practice different drawing exercises and examine letterforms and techniques.

Starting with a short presentation, the workshop will proceed in two parts. In the first, students will work in groups of five at three different desks. Each group will be asked to construct a word with given objects such as ribbons and sticks. Since these objects will restrict composition, each team will have the opportunity to examine and discuss the essentials of typography such as ratio, dimension, form and consistency. In the second part, each student will create his/her own alphabet.

Zeynep Akay received her master degree in typeface design from the University of Reading in 2013. She currently works as an art director in İstanbul.

Each workshop will be held in Turkish and is limited to 15 students.

For more information or reservation:
(0212) 334 22 31