Showing This Will
Damage Yourselves,
As Much As It
Does Damage Me

Salt Galata

March 22, 2014 19.00

Tarlabaşı Crawl, Jeremiah Day, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                                                             <i>Tarlabaşı Crawl</i>, Jeremiah Day, 2009
Tarlabaşı Crawl, Jeremiah Day, 2009
Showing this will damage yourselves, as much as it does damage me is a performance by Jeremiah Day that combines Can Altay’s urbanistic approach to the ecology of the city with Day’s concern for storytelling and memory. The performance takes place within the installation You don’t go slumming, which presents a fractured investigation of the city and the flows [of populations, commodities, waterways] that come together in the popular but semi-legal and often dangerous food of stuffed mussels.

The mussels themselves, known as “the kidneys of Bosphorus,” which filter the waterway, absorbing traces of pollution, are found by Altay and Day to filter and absorb all kinds of other, more abstract traces.