Municipal Sculpture
Screening Program

Salt Beyoğlu

January 26, 2014

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                <i>The Sculpture 100</i> (2005) filminden bir kare
Still from the film The Sculpture 100 (2005)
14.00 The Sculpture 100 (2005)
15.00 Public Art Private Views (2013)

The Sculpture 100 (2005)
England’s Public Sculpture 1905-2005
English without subtitles

The film is a journey through one hundred public sculptures made across one hundread years. Touring through England’s outdoor museum of public sculpture, the film features works by, among many others, Jacob Epstein, Eric Gill, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Richard Deacon, Anish Kapoor and Rachel Whiteread.

Public Art Private Views (2013)
Michael Cox
English without subtitles

Public Art Private Views is an exploration of art in the public realm—how it gets there, how it’s made, and the role art plays in creating communities in urban environments. Topics include artists, curators, architects, addressing the site, civic administration, and the role of art in the city.