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Carol Squiers

What Is a Photograph?

Salt Galata

March 28, 2014 18.30

Courtesy ICP, New York ICP (New York) izniyle
Courtesy ICP, New York
A conversation with International Center of Photography (ICP) Curator Carol Squiers about her exhibition, What Is a Photograph? on view at ICP, New York until May 4.

What Is a Photograph? explores the intense creative experimentation in photography that has occurred since the 1970s. Conceptual art introduced photography into contemporary artistic production, using the medium in ways that challenged it artistically, intellectually, and technically, broadening the notion of what a photograph could be. A new generation of artists began an equally rigorous but more aesthetically adventurous analysis, which probed photography itself—from the role of light, color, composition, to materiality and the subject.

The Book
“What Is a Photograph?”

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