Talk: Helen Castle

Salt Galata

May 29, 2014 19.00

Classic and contemporary covers from the magazine Architectural Design <i>Architectural Design</i> dergisinin farklı tarihli kapaklarından bir derleme
Classic and contemporary covers from the magazine Architectural Design

SALT Galata, Workshop II-III

Canny Communication in Architecture in the Age of “Messy Media”

In the last decade, the proliferation of digital media has been a game changer shifting the way that we think about communication and the dissemination of ideas and images. The words that we commonly use to describe social media, such as “viral” and “meme,” tend to suggest contamination or a loss of control. Is communication really this perplexing or arbitrary? Helen Castle scratches this surface and goes back to the basics of communication in architecture. How can we develop a purposeful, playful and knowing approach to the way that we communicate our thoughts across media, whether visually, verbally or in writing?

Helen Castle is Editor of Architectural Design (AD) and Executive Commissioning Editor for Architecture at Wiley in London, overseeing programs for both the UK and US markets. She has worked in architectural publishing for over 20 years and has an MSc in History and Theory of Modern Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL).

The talk will be held in English.

The talk is programmed within the scope of SALT’s primary interests in methodolgies of research and discussion around the built environment, with advice from ITU Graduate School of Science Engineering and Technology, Architectural Design Program.