What day is it today?

Salt Beyoğlu

October 9, 2014 19.00

Still from the film Sommarstället [The Summer House] (2013) ©Pundersons Gardens <i>Sommarstället</i> [Yazlık Ev] (2013) filminden bir kare ©Pundersons Gardens
Still from the film Sommarstället [The Summer House] (2013) ©Pundersons Gardens

SALT Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema

Sommarstället [The Summer House] (2013)
Director: Johan Von Reybekiel, Marcus Werner Hed
83 minutes
Swedish and English; English and Turkish subtitles

It’s the last weekend of summer and a circle of old friends have gathered to celebrate Carl’s (Kalle Josephson) birthday in his family’s summer house on the west coast of Sweden. Carl’s beautiful cousin Stina (Sara Blomqvist) has just moved back from London to resettle in Sweden, and brings devoted British boyfriend Nick (Tom Stanley) along for the festivities. Their relationship is already fraying due to the transition, and is exacerbated over the weekend by Nick’s inability to fit in or grasp the language and rituals of the group.

The film program What day is it today? is a parallel event of the exhibition SUMMER HOMES: Claiming the Coast which is on view at SALT Beyoğlu until November 16.