The Message Project

Salt Galata

November 27, 2014 19.00

Still from The Message Project (2010) <i>The Message Project</i> (2010) videosundan bir kare
Still from The Message Project (2010)

SALT Galata, Auditorium

The Message Project (2010)
Fayçal Baghriche
185 minutes
Arabic and English; English subtitles

This video edits together two versions of the The Message, the 1977 film by Moustapha Akkad relating the history of Islam. One film includes a cast of stars from Arab cinema while the other uses Hollywood actors. Synthesizing these two films in a single edit that follows the script’s structure, Fayçal Baghriche creates a dialogue between the Arab and American actors, revealing the categorization of cultural products depending on their target audience.

This screening is realized in the context of the exhibition Rainbow in the Dark at SALT Galata until January 18, 2015, organized in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.