As We All Know

Salt Galata

April 22 – April 30, 2016

asweallknow Civan Özkanoğlu, <i>Hepimiz Biliyoruz</i>, 2016
Civan Özkanoğlu, As We All Know, 2016
Tuesday-Friday, 19.00
Saturday-Sunday, 13.00

SALT Galata, Floor 1

Civan Özkanoğlu’s unscripted performance As We All Know (2016) centers on happenstance, on a walking path within one of Istanbul’s contested areas where a burgeoning cultural sector, including the Istanbul Biennial, and an antagonistic neighborhood converge. The work is based on an encounter where he comes across children rummaging jettisoned videotapes from a television program. Özkanoğlu’s performative work will embrace photography and an installation tracing a series of coincidences, convergences, discoveries and roundabouts.

The performance will be held in Turkish.

Civan Özkanoğlu (b. 1983, Adana. Lives and works in Istanbul and Brooklyn) Özkanoğlu’s work traces the everyday, seemingly mundane stories and absurdities, and how they converge in public space, mass media, the art world, and [the realm of] politics. His exhibition In Person took place in 2014 at Elipsis Gallery, Istanbul. The book project was in person was presented at the Fotobookfestival Kassel in 2015. His works have been exhibited at the National Academy Museum, New York; 440 Gallery, Brooklyn; District Fine Art Gallery, Washington, D.C.; Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, CDA Projects and Çağdaş Börek Salonu, Istanbul; Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery and Sıhhiye Multi-storey Car Park, Ankara. Özkanoğlu has organized and taught workshops in collaboration with Fundación Coprodeli, Peru and KAÇUV Foundation, Istanbul. His works have been published in Brooklyn Magazine,, and Slanted magazine among others.