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Seed Journey

Salt Galata

June 23, 2016 19.00

Seedjourney2016 Seed Journey teknesi, Sætre, Norveç, 2016
Seed Journey voyager, Sætre, Norway, 2016
SALT Galata, Workshop IV

Futurefarmers: Amy Franceschini, Martin Lundberg
Palestinian Heirloom Seed Library: Vivien Sansour

“We can speak of this voyage as a return or a re-tracing of a very ancient route combining human and non-human initiative by which wheat was domesticated from the wild and then slowly made its way through gifts, trade, winds, and sea currents, from the highly cultured Middle East to the barbarians of the north…” Michael Taussig for Flatbread Society’s Seeds of Time.

Seed Journey, a seafaring voyage upon the boat, Christiania RS10, will depart from Oslo in September 2016 and conclude in Istanbul in 2017. During this long, emblematic journey Futurefarmers will be hosting workshops, engaging with local communities and creating opportunities to consider together the interrelationship of food production to realms of knowledge sharing, cultural production, socio-political formations and everyday life.

One of the stops on the Seed Journey will be in Palestine, where agriculturalist Vivien Sansour, in collaboration with the A.M. Qattan Foundation, has established the first Heirloom Seed Library to preserve seeds from crop species that are fast dying out.

The talk will be held in English.

Futurefarmers is a group of diverse practitioners aligned through an interest in making work that is relevant to the time and place surrounding them. A consistent line through their work reveals sustained questioning about how “nature” and “culture” are perceived. They use various tactics to uncover histories and currents related to this divide by challenging systems of exchange and tools used to “hunt” and “gather.” In 2012 the collective formed the Flatbread Society as an 
initiative to work with local actors to establish an aligned vision for the use
 of urban land. Flatbread Society is a growing constellation of farmers, oven builders, astronomers, artists, soil scientists and bakers who share a common interest in the long and complex relation we have to grain.

Vivien Sansour is a writer, producer, and photographer. She is the founder of the Palestinian Heirloom Seed Library, a project that aims to salvage ancient seed varieties and document them through art and education. Trained in the field of anthropology, Sansour has worked with farmers in Palestine, Uruguay, Guatemala, USA, Mexico, and Italy with a focus on personal stories, food sovereignty, and heirlooms. Sansour co-produced and appeared in the critically acclaimed film, The People and the Olive (2012) and is author of the book Insisting on Life: A Community at Work (Canaan Fair Trade, 2011).