Kneading Together: A Bread Baking Workshop with Futurefarmers

Salt Galata

June 25, 2016 12.00 – 16.00

Gorsel Image 2 1 Flatbread Society Fırını, Oslo, 2013
Flatbread Society Bakehouse, Oslo, 2013
Futurefarmers Amy Franceschini and Martin Lundberg will facilitate a bread workshop in which anyone is welcome to participate in the act of making and baking bread this Saturday at SALT Galata.

A bread oven, modified by Futurefarmers, has been installed on the terrace of SALT Galata. In collaboration with Neolokal the oven will remain as a pivotal space for people to come together, to discover or expand their interest in baking, and to act as a community resource. Local partners, including Neolokal, baker Murat Demirtaş and Kök Projekt will be working with Futurefarmers on Saturday to embed larger discussions around the practice and metaphor of baking, issues of seed heritage, as well as food production, in this locality.

The organic way of rising a bread and baking it with the help of fire is linked to the way we connect cultural ideas about self-determination, land use and coexistence between humans and non-humans. The future use of the oven will develop naturally by means of various interests, uses and debates and it will also act as a meeting site for collaborators of the project Seed Journey* that culminates in a boat carrying heirloom seeds to Istanbul in 2017.

Using the oven’s chimney, Futurefarmers will be sending their maiden Seed Journey smoke signal in Istanbul. Using the world’s main pollinating agent — the wind — they will share the message: “We don’t need a museum to conserve seeds, what we want is to grow them in soil.” Johan Swärd

The workshop will be held in English and Turkish.

*In September 2016 Futurefarmers will embark on Seed Journey, a seafaring voyage upon an 1895 Colin Archer sailboat that returns ancient grains to their “center of origin.” Seed Journey departs from Oslo and concludes in Istanbul in fall 2017. During this long, emblematic project Futurefarmers will be hosting workshops, engaging with local communities and creating opportunities to consider together the interrelationship of food production to realms of knowledge sharing, cultural production, socio-political formations and everyday life.

With the aim of bringing together communities and developing conversations over the coming year and a half Kneading Together at SALT Galata is Seed Journey’s first programmed intervention.