Les Liberterres [Lands for Freedom]

Salt Galata

November 17, 2017 19.00

Lesliberterres 2015 <i>Les Liberterres</i> [Özgürlük İçin Topraklar] (2015) filminden bir kare ©Koan Production
Still from Les Liberterres [Lands for Freedom] (2015) ©Koan Production
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Les Liberterres [Lands for Freedom] (2015)
Director: Jean-Christophe Lamy and Paul-Jean Vranken
82 minutes
French, German, Italian, Dutch; Turkish and English subtitles

A vibrant portrayal of rebellion against the commercialization of agriculture, Les Liberterres [Lands for Freedom] (2015) narrates the story of four farmers and their willing decision to forgo conventional methods of farming. Engaging with some never-before-seen archival material portraying science as a cure for world hunger and malnutrition, the documentary film narrates the stories of these provocative and moving characters hailing from European and African landscapes across four seasons. Directors Jean-Christophe Lamy and Paul-Jean Vranken draw attention to how the lives of even all farmers around the world link together through the language of the Earth.

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