Thursday Cinema
Das Venedig Prinzip [The Venice Syndrome]

Salt Beyoğlu

May 3, 2018 19.00 – 20.20

2venicesyndrome 2012 1 <i>Das Venedig Prinzip</i> [Venedik Sendromu] (2012) filminden bir kare 
©Taskovski Films
Still from Das Venedig Prinzip [The Venice Syndrome] (2012)
©Taskovski Films
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Das Venedig Prinzip [The Venice Syndrome] (2012)
Director: Andreas Pichler
80 minutes
Italian; Turkish and English subtitles

The city of canals and historical monuments, a great number of tourists visit Venice in hopes to experience its unique aura. In 2011 alone, a total of twenty million foreigners traveled to the island town of merely 48,000 inhabitants. However, the urban life hangs by a thinner thread since the city sways towards an uninhabitable water world, as locals abandon entire quarters and city structures.

While depicting the remains of the authentic Venetian life, this documentary looks at the subculture of tourist service industries and new port structures prepared to host even larger cruise ships. It also finds moving stories of locals relocating to the mainland as they attempt to navigate unwillingly from their most beloved sinking ship.

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