Thursday Cinema

Salt Beyoğlu

May 3 – June 28, 2018

5madeindagenham 2010 <i>Made in Dagenham</i> [Kadının Fendi] (2010) filminden bir kare
©HanWay Films
Still from Made in Dagenham (2010)
©HanWay Films
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The 2018 program of Thursday Cinema, supported by Garanti Mortgage, investigates the notion of “regeneration” through its various forms of emergence and reception in urban life, and how it simultaneously evokes a longing for a familiar past or a better future, and triggers resistance.

Today’s urban fabric is predominantly shaped by the 20th century’s two major wars, the polarized world that followed and its eventual dissolution. With increased investment in professionalism, the developments responding to the needs and imaginations of the period were distinct expressions of the regeneration reflex. While cities transformed from centers that interact closely with their vicinity to dominant human habitations in exchange with remote others, they inevitably expanded under population flows despite remedial planning solutions. Starting from the 1980s, globalization had sizeable impact on regeneration, which gained relevance in varying moments across different geographies tending to cultural preferences, local governance strategies, and economic opportunities. Cities across the world resembled each other as they welcomed the new century. The regeneration process has become more visible as it internationally emanated the consumption of experience, thanks to sizing up of airports, opening of new museums on busy squares and hotels in former city centers. Stiffened by both voluntary and forced migration of the urbanites, these practices brought along certain social dilemmas and consequent demands. All the while, the city remained as the main stage for challenging the status quo and urging change.

The 2018 Thursday Cinema provides a multifaceted inquiry into regeneration, looking into past manifestations while offering proposals and possibilities for the future. An international selection of feature and documentary films brings together the stories of individuals and those of cities with growingly ambiguous borders.


May 3 Das Venedig Prinzip [The Venice Syndrome]
Andreas Pichler, 2012

May 10 Durak [The Fool]
Yuriy Bykov, 2014

May 17 Free Lunch Society
Christian Tod, 2017

May 24 Made in Dagenham
Nigel Cole, 2010

May 31 Survival of a Small City
Pablo Frasconi and Nancy Salzer, 1986

June 7 Good Bye Lenin!
Wolfgang Becker, 2003

June 14 Gaza Surf Club
Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine, 2016

June 21 Nocturama
Bertrand Bonello, 2016

June 28 One of Us
Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, 2017

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