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Survival of a Small City

Salt Beyoğlu

May 31, 2018 19.00

6survivalofasmallcity 1986 <i>Survival of a Small City</i> [Hayata Tutunan Küçük Şehir] (1986) filminden bir kare
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Still from Survival of a Small City (1986)
Courtesy the directors
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Survival of a Small City (1986)
Director: Pablo Frasconi and Nancy Salzer
58 minutes
English; Turkish subtitles

Shot in the US between November 1979 and September 1980 in Connecticut’s South Norwalk region, this documentary focuses on the city’s economic downturn and its collapse under such difficult conditions. Through raising perplexing questions about the sustainability of the then relevant popular solutions for the prevalent conditions, the film brings forward the conflicting perspectives of the local residents, former and current shopkeepers, artists, politicians, environmentalists, urban planners, and developers.

Studying the ecological history of the American grasslands, Survival of a Small City (1986) describes the destruction of soil by man, and the ever-evident realization that it must be protected.

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