Thursday Cinema
Made in Dagenham

Salt Beyoğlu

May 24, 2018 19.00

1madeindagenham 2010 <i>Made in Dagenham</i> [Kadının Fendi] (2010) filminden bir kare
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Still from Made in Dagenham (2010)
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Made in Dagenham (2010)
Director: Nigel Cole
113 minutes
English; Turkish subtitles

Taking place at Ford’s Dagenham Factory in East London in June 1968, the film retells women sewing machinists’ strike against sexual discrimination and their demand for equal pay.

Under the leadership of Rita (Sally Hawkins), 187 women workers take a stand against one of the world’s largest companies, which lead to a historic upheaval that reinforces the organization of women’s movements and female labor force across the UK.

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