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Good Bye Lenin!

Salt Beyoğlu

June 7, 2018 19.00

7goodbyelenin 2003 <i>Good Bye Lenin!</i> [Elveda Lenin!] (2003) filminden bir kare
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Still from Good Bye Lenin! (2003)
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Good Bye Lenin! (2003)
Director: Wolfgang Becker
121 minutes
German; Turkish and English subtitles

1989, East Germany. Christiane (Katrin Sass), after witnessing her son’s participation in an anti-government protest demanding the collapse of the Berlin Wall, has a heart attack and falls into an eight-month coma. However, neither the dividing wall nor the regime she is devoted exists when she wakes up. Determined to not upset his mother, Alex (Daniel Brühl) goes beyond measure to conceal this tremendous news from her by re-creating a microcosm of the old order in a tiny bedroom.

Dealing with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the effects of a rapidly disappearing country through a family story, Good Bye Lenin! (2003) reflects the mixed feelings of Eastern Germans who have stepped into a brand new world. Featuring a soundtrack by Yann Tiersen, the film won many awards including the Blue Angel at the Berlin Film Festival as well as the Lola, Germany’s Oscar equivalent.

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