Thursday Cinema

Salt Beyoğlu

June 21, 2018 19.00

9nocturama 2016 <i>Nocturama</i> [Nocturama: Paris Yanıyor] (2016) filminden bir kare
Still from Nocturama (2016)
Walk-in Cinema

Nocturama (2016)
Director: Bertrand Bonello
130 minutes
French; Turkish and English subtitles

A group of young Parisians of varying ethnicities, bored from their society, make preparations for simultaneous bombing attacks around the city, when once executed, hide for a night in a luxurious shopping mall. Director of the controversial Saint Laurent (2014) and House of Tolerance (2011), Bertrand Bonello’s thrilling drama combines an ambiguous political anger and rage with the impacts of today’s consumerist culture.

In an interview published in 2017, the director states, “We live in a period that can create a person who is totally fascinated by terrorism and capitalism at the same time. If I had made Nocturama forty years ago I would have only made the first part of the film, because it was about the reality of the streets. […] It’s the second part of the film that makes it feel very contemporary, because it is in an artificial, commercial world that we constructed.”

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