Long Thursday
Vanishing Gradient

Salt Beyoğlu

May 31, 2018 20.30

Vanishinggradient 1 © Atay İlgün
© Atay İlgün
Live electronic music performances by c / a, İskeletor, and Saint Aegean Heart following Thursday Cinema screening

Machine learning algorithms are generally developed with the aim of minimizing errors and subsequent loss. By utilizing the gradient descent algorithm, one difficulty discovered in the training of artificial neural networks is the vanishing gradient problem. Inspired by this concept of lost and shift, Vanishing Gradient electronic music performances by c / a, İskeletor, and Saint Aegean Heart will establish the audience as a network to invert the given roles. Both the platform in the Walk-in Cinema and musical abstraction will provide the gradient by which notions such as natural and artificial, audio and visual, real and surreal are able to vanish. Programmed by Atay İlgün and Caner Bozkurt, Vanishing Gradient performances are open to all.

Also taking place in the Walk-in Cinema, Thursday Cinema screening of the 1986 documentary Survival of a Small City will begin at 19.00.

As part of Continuity Error, Unemployed Employees-I found you a new job! (2006-2018), shaped through spontaneous dialogues between visitors and five people hired to work around a representative production line, will take place until 19.00. Opening with this performance in the Forum, the exhibition is spread throughout the second and third floors.

The serving Kitchen, and Robinson Crusoe 389 bookstore at SALT Beyoğlu, as well as the exhibition Bureau of Unspecified Services at SALT Galata, will be open until 22.00.

An anonymous post-genre music duo experimenting with audio, visuals, and mixed reality, c / a works mainly with artificial intelligence.

İskeletor is an improvisational sound and bass solo music project founded by Kerem Sevinçli in 2013.

Saint Aegean Heart utilizes programming languages and hardware circuit designs in his experimental beat-oriented musical compositions.