Thursday Cinema

Salt Beyoğlu

March 28 – May 30, 2019

Extinction C Osom E A Furia 1 9 <i>Extinção</i> [Yok Olma] (2018) filminden bir kare 
©O Som e a Fúria
Still from the film Extinção [Extinction] (2018)
©O Som e a Fúria
Walk-in Cinema

The sixth year program of Thursday Cinema, supported by Garanti Mortgage, focuses on cities during the last decade of the 20th century. Transitioning into a new world order, the 1990s saw a myriad of social transformations, shifts in everyday habits and future expectations, and modifications of the built environment in anticipation of the 21st century. The post-Cold War era’s political, economic, and technological developments were manifested in the urban space endorsed by fashionable labels such as “city branding” and “global cities.” A compilation of urban stories, the 2019 program of Thursday Cinema inquisitively surveys from today the ’90s non-uniform impacts on diverse geographies rather than presenting a panoroma.

The fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the USSR paved the way for the redefinition of Europe through a political and economic union, which instituted the idea of European citizenship and a single currency. Expansion of individual rights was on the rise with the internet becoming public, mobile communication growing available, and freedom of movement being officially advocated. While the first black president of South Africa was elected to office, the ethnic conflicts continued to result in civil wars across the continent. Europe was also paralyzed with wars, which the EU could only address years later through trials. The ’90s, the period that witnessed both unions and separations when the USA remained in a position of global dominance, was also marked by the growing media frenzy and mass consumerism.

Exploring the significant changes in the cities in the ’90s, the selected fiction and documentary films reflect on the preservation, interpretation, and even erasure of the recent past within the individual and collective memories. Through distant characters—a working-class family from North London holding on to their lives under the rule of the “Iron Lady,” a six-year old orphan girl from Barcelona adapting to a new life in the Catalan countryside, or a group of random “outcasts” in Austin, Texas—the program questions the sense of a past future: how close or far is the ’90s today?

All films in the Thursday Cinema program will be screened in the Walk-in Cinema at SALT Beyoğlu and in original language with Turkish and English subtitles.


March 28

Mike Leigh, Life Is Sweet, 1990

April 4
Salomé Lamas, Extinção [Extinction], 2018

April 11
Carla Simón, Estiu 1993 [Summer 93], 2017

April 18
Francesco Patierno, Camorra , 2018

April 25
Richard Linklater, Slacker, 1990

May 2
Boris Mitić, In Praise of Nothing, 2017

May 9
Abbas Kiarostami, Nema-ye Nazdik [Close-Up], 1990

May 16
Ulrich Seidl, Mit Verlust ist zu rechnen [Loss Is to Be Expected], 1992

May 23
Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas, Terra Estrangeira [Foreign Land], 1995

May 30
Hubertus Siegert, Berlin Babylon, 2001

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