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Mit Verlust ist zu rechnen [Loss Is to Be Expected]

Salt Beyoğlu

May 16, 2019 19.00

Mitverlustistzurechnen 1992 <i>Mit Verlust ist zu rechnen</i> [Kayıplar Muhtemel] (1992) filminden bir kare
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Still from Mit Verlust ist zu rechnen [Loss Is to Be Expected] (1992) ©Lotus Film GesmbH
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Mit Verlust ist zu rechnen [Loss Is to Be Expected] (1992)
Director: Ulrich Seidl
118 minutes
German, Czech; Turkish and English subtitles

It is the winter of 1992 in a small Austrian village on the Czech side of the border. Over 60, retired and widowed Josef “Sepp” Paur is looking for a new spouse since the meals that his late wife had put into the freezer are about to run out. Through his binoculars, he spots the widow Paula Hutterová, who is one of the Germans allowed to stay in Bohemia after World War II. Her village is beset with poverty and misery. She lives with her dogs in a house without running water. Determined to win her heart and spend his last years with her, Sepp shows Paula all advantages of living in wealthy Austria.

Two years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, director Ulrich Seidl explores borders between Western and Eastern Europe through two people in two neighboring villages. Mit Verlust ist zu rechnen [Loss Is to Be Expected] (1992) tells a tender story about the loss of borders, the loss of homeland, the loss of youth, and the loss of love.

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