Thursday Cinema

Salt Beyoğlu

April 18, 2019 19.00

Camorra 2018 <i>Camorra</i> (2018) filminden bir kare ©GA&A Productions Srl.
Still from Camorra (2018) ©GA&A Productions Srl.
Walk-in Cinema

Camorra (2018)
Director: Francesco Patierno
70 minutes
Italian; Turkish and English subtitles

Neapolitan-born writer and director Francesco Patierno’s Camorra (2018) is a historical and socio-anthropological depiction of the organized crime in Naples, the regional capital of Campania. Using mostly unpublished footages from the Italian national public broadcaster’s archives, Rai Teche, it retraces the origins of this crime syndicate.

The documentary film chronicles the growth of the Camorra between the 1960s and 1990s: from its subordination to the Mafia, which controlled the contraband of cigarettes in Campania after the war, until the advent of Raffaele Cutolo, the undisputed boss, who unified the bands of extortionists into a single, large armed and economic power.

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