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Terra Estrangeira [Foreign Land]

Salt Beyoğlu

May 23, 2019 19.00

Terra Estrangeira 1995 <i>Terra Estrangeira</i> [Yabancı Topraklar] (1995) filminden bir kare ©Tamasa Distribution
Still from Terra Estrangeira [Foreign Land] (1995) ©Tamasa Distribution
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Terra Estrangeira [Foreign Land] (1995)
Director: Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas
110 minutes
Portuguese; Turkish and English subtitles

A film noir road movie set in 1990, the year Brazil’s new president Fernando Collor de Mello froze all financial accounts… An aspiring actor from São Paulo, Paco lives with his mother, who dreams of returning to her native Spain. When the old woman finds out that her savings were seized by the government, she drops dead. Tired of his country, Paco accepts a “delivery job” from a shady antique dealer and smuggles a violin filled with uncut diamonds to Portugal. But the failed plans leads Paco to a dangerous journey in which he crosses paths with Alex, a Brazilian immigrant working as a waitress in Lisbon.

Will the young lovers manage to run from their tough lives toward a dream home where they can feel safe and belong while finding themselves in a foreign land?

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