Das geheime Leben der Bäume [The Hidden Life of Trees]


May 31 – June 6, 2021

Das Geheime Leben Der Baume 3 <i>Das geheime Leben der Bäume</i> [Ağaçların Gizli Yaşamı] (2020) filminden bir kare ©Global Screen
Still image from Das geheime Leben der Bäume [The Hidden Life of Trees] (2020) ©Global Screen
Das geheime Leben der Bäume [The Hidden Life of Trees] (2020)
Directors: Jörg Adolph and Jan Haft
96 minutes
German; Turkish and English subtitles

Based on Peter Wohlleben’s 2015 international best-seller “The Hidden Life of Trees,” in the documentary of the same name, the crucial centrality of trees in Earth’s ecosystem is explored. A forester by training, Wohlleben resigned from his job when he saw the damage wrought by the cycles of clear-cut and single species cultivation in his native Germany. How trees pass wisdom down to the next generation through their seeds, what makes them live so long, and how forests handle immigrants are some of the topics Wohlleben delves into to decipher the signals that plants send to each other. By mapping these hidden networks and relationships, Wohlleben gives a better understanding of the non-human world.

Forests, like ant colonies, are a kind of superorganism: trees are interconnected, they communicate with each other, and even offer community healthcare in the form of shared nutrients. Wohlleben journeys to the oldest known tree (a 10,000-year-old Swedish spruce), he visits businesses in Canada that are looking for a new approach to how to treat the woods; he joins the Hambacher Forest anti-coal demonstrators. In this documentary, Wohlleben explores and celebrates the beauty and magic of the forests and reminds us of the urgent need to protect them.

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