Intro­duction to SALT Research

48th Library Week

Salt Galata

March 26 – April 1, 2012

Introduction to SALT Research

SALT Galata

In the context of the 48th Annual Library Week (26 March- 1 April), high school groups are invited to join Introduction to SALT Research workshop sessions targeted to raise awareness about libraries and encourage students to use them regularly. Conducted by SALT Research librarians, these free workshops provide high school students with an overview of SALT’s archival and print collections; outline the institution’s research tools and multimedia resources; and engage students in discussions on accessibility, open archives and public dialogue.

SALT Research is an extensive library and archive focusing on the arts, architecture, design, urbanism, and social and economic history. Located in SALT Galata, originally the Imperial Ottoman Bank branch designed by Levantine architect Alexandre Vallaury, SALT Research was conceptualized by ŞANAL Architecture to be user-centered. In contrast to traditional libraries that encourage visitors to be silent, SALT Research seeks to provide a forum for critical research, knowledge exchange and debate. In addition to conducting online catalogue searches of the archive and library, SALT Research users may watch art videos and other moving image material, engage in group study sessions, and explore archival documents first-hand.

To make a reservation for your group to join an Introduction to SALT Research workshop, please e-mail or call us at 0212 334 2231. Introduction to SALT Research workshops are scheduled in one-hour sessions, although additional programming may be organized in the case of a longer class visit. Maximum number of participants: 20 students.