Representation Under Attack

92 sayfa, 2015
Yayın dili: İngilizce

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  • Introduction
  • UNDER ATTACK (or Expression in the Age of Selfie-Control)
  • Bourgeois Censorship: No Representation Without Taxation!
  • Syria as a Global Metaphor
  • The Myth of Unfamiliarity
  • Chained Reaction: Freedom of Expression, Historical Censorship and Opposition Movements
  • Club Silencio and the Emptiness of the Square (regarding Tatlin's Whisper)
  • Havana Tribunes
  • A Dangerous State
  • Who Said Fear?
  • Zero for Conduct
  • Thing 001635 (Australia Coat of Arms)
  • "Representation Under Attack" Through the Lens of the Collections and Archives of the Members of L'Internationale
  • Biographies