Decolo­nising Archives

111 sayfa, 2016
Yayın dili: İngilizce

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  • Introduction
  • Radically De-Historicising the Archive. Decolonising Archival Memory from the Supremacy of Historical Discourse
  • Buried (and) Alive
  • H[gun shot]ow c[gun shot]an I f[gun shot]orget?
  • Another Mapping of Art and Politics. The Archive Policies of Red Conceptualismos del Sur
  • Decolonial Sensibilities: Indigenous Research and Engaging with Archives in Contemporary Colonial Canada
  • In Search For Queer Ancestors
  • The Hump of Colonialism, or The Archive as a Site of Resistance
  • A Grin without Marker
  • Presenting Pasts
  • The Archives of the Commons Seminar, Madrid 2015
  • Archives of the Commons: Knowledge Commons, Information, and Memory
  • Biographies