Ecolo­gising Museum

127 sayfa, 2016
Yayın dili: İngilizce

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  • Introduction
  • Let Us Now Praise Famous Seeds
  • Beyond COP21: Collaborating with Indigenous People to Understand Climate Change and the Arctic
  • Theorising More-Than Human Collectives for Climate Change Action in Museums
  • Fictioning is a Worlding
  • Late Subatlantic. Science Poetry in Times of Global Warming
  • Ecosophy and Slow Anthropology. A Conversation with Barbara Glowczewski
  • Necroaesthetics: Denaturalising the Collection
  • The Eclipse of the Witness: Natural Anatomy and the Scopic Regime of Modern Exhibition-Machines
  • Imagining a Culture Beyond Oil at the Paris Climate Talks
  • Climate Risks, Art, and Red Cross Action. Towards a Humanitarian Role for Museums?
  • Biographies