Subjects and Objects
in Exile

Subjectsandobjectsinexile Cover
251 sayfa, 2017
Yayın dili: İngilizce

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  • Introduction
  • Objects/Subjects in Exile
  • Mapping Collections
  • Apricots from Damascus
  • A Few Notes on a Time of Uncertanities
  • The Shame and Misery of Liberal Democracy: Europe and Migration Flows
  • The "Refugee Crisis" and the Current Predicament of the Liberal State
  • Migrants... Refugees... People!
  • Brexit, New Nationalism, and the New Politics of Migrancy
  • Škart Maps
  • Interview with Oliver Ressler
  • The Mediterranean: A New Imaginary. Conflated Scales—Deep Inconsistencies
  • Imperceptible Institutions
  • Biographies