Living with Ghosts: Legacies of Colonialism and Fascism

Li Livingwithghosts Cover
190 sayfa, 2019
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  • Introduction
  • On European 'Civilization': Colonialism, Land, Lebensraum
  • A Conversation at Bamayak and Mabaluk, part of the coastal lands of the Emmiyengal people
  • On White Innocence
  • i defied the lens so it struck us - A Visual Essay
  • Drinking from Our Own Wells: Endarkened Feminist Epistemology as Praxis in a Persistent Economy of Lack
  • What haunts European Contemporary Politics: A Discussion with Walter Famler
  • The Uncensored Censors: How We Say 'Appropriation' Now?
  • Towards an Anti-Fascist International: A View from Central and Eastern Europe
  • Biographies