"What Knows What, What is What?"

Salt Galata

June 8 – June 10, 2023

Horkeskart Performing At The Farmers Market In Karlsruhe Germany 2005 Horkeškart korosunun Karlsruhe’deki (Almanya) bir üretici pazarında gerçekleştirdiği performanstan kare, 2005
Horkeškart choir performing at the farmers market in Karlsruhe, Germany, 2005
What Knows What, What is What?, full of poems, talks, workshops, and performances, is inspired by the notion of togetherness and co-creation that Škart collective has always prioritized in their socially engaged practice. The program, conceived by Seda Yıldız with Škart and Rob van Leijsen, will take place in different spaces of Salt Galata. Celebrating the one-year anniversary of the book Building Human Relations Through Art, the program will include a workshop about archiving, editing, and printing collectively and a workshop on forming and performing as a choir, taking over the Salt Galata building. As Škart says, “What knows what, what is what?”

Come and join this collective fun!


Thursday, June 8, 18.30, Salt Research
Poetrying and Book Launch — Building Human Relations Through Art: Belgrade Art Collective Škart from 1990 to Present

Škart (Dragan Protić, Đorđe Balmazović), Seda Yıldız, and Rob van Leijsen

Friday, June 9, 13.00, Workshop II-III
Archiving, Editing, and Printing Workshop

Rob van Leijsen and Seda Yıldız
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Workshop and Performance
Friday, June 9, 17.00-19.00
Saturday, June 10, 15.00-19.00
Chorus Workshop and Performance

Škart (Dragan Protić, Đorđe Balmazović)
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This free-admission program is open to everyone.

Škart was founded in 1990 in the graphics studio at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture. Dealing with poetry, music, graphic design, and alternative education, the collective’s first decade (1990-2000) was marked by self-released (samizdat) anti-war resistance projects and their sharing on the streets. In the second decade (2000-2010), the group co-founded several collectives and initiatives: Horkeškart and Proba choirs, children’s choirs Deca sa meseca and AprilZMAJun, Defiant Pensioners poetry group, NONpractical Women embroidery group. Since 2010, the collective has been experimenting with site-specific workshops, animated poetry forms, comics, documentary illustrations, and film.

Seda Yıldız (Istanbul, 1989) is an independent curator and writer based in Hamburg and Istanbul. Having a background in art practice, design, and literature, her transdisciplinary practice spans curating, writing, and editing. Her research interests comprise artist collectives and self-archiving practices, focusing on collaborative approaches to publicizing art. Conviviality and friendship are central values in her artistic work. Currently, she is working on curatorial projects to be realized at the Kunstpavillon & Neue Galerie Innsbruck (2023) and Škuc Gallery Ljubljana (2023).

Rob van Leijsen (Tilburg, 1983) is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and writer based in Geneva, Switzerland. He runs his own design studio next to his teaching position at the Visual Communication Department of HEAD–Genève. In 2012, he obtained a master’s degree in Design Spaces and Communication at HEAD–Genève with his graduation project “Art Handling in Oblivion.” Bringing together five art collections stolen during wartime, this catalog was published by Edition Fink in 2014. His most recent book is the bilingual essay Copy, Tweak, Paste: Methods of Appropriation in Reenacted Artists’ Books (Editions Clinamen, 2020).