Archiving, Editing, and Printing Workshop

Rob van Leijsen and Seda Yıldız

Salt Galata

June 9, 2023 13.00

Rotterdam Workshop 1 Rob van Leijsen ve Seda Yıldız yürütücülüğündeki atölyenin çıktıları, PrintRoom, Rotterdam, 2022
Fotoğraf: Rob van Leijsen
Archiving, editing, and printing workshop outputs, realized with Rob van Leijsen and Seda Yıldız, PrintRoom, Rotterdam, 2022
Photo: Rob van Leijsen
Workshop II-III

*If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to get far, go with a group.
Creating contemporary narratives of collective effort, starting from the Škart archive

The workshop, led by independent curator and writer Seda Yıldız and graphic designer Rob van Leijsen, is taking place as part of the public program What Knows What, What is What?.

Tracing the Škart collective’s practice, the publication Building Human Relations Through Art: Belgrade Art Collective Škart from 1990 to Present will serve as a starting point for this collaborative printmaking workshop.

Škart’s archive is filled with traces, indicators, and signs of collective production. From choirs to street installations and performances, the artistic collaborations of the collective demand a significant effort from each participant, encouraging them to speak out and contribute to the whole.

Departing from the Škart archive, the workshop aims to set in motion a process to define contemporary personal narratives of collective effort and production. Each participant’s contribution will take shape throughout defined stages of the editing process, propelled by an ongoing back and forth between individual work and collective consideration. The desired printed outcome for each contribution will be decided on. All image-making techniques are valid as long as the contributions can be reproduced.

13.00 Welcome and introduction
14.00 Group discussions
15.30 Wider discussion
16.00 Finalize work, preparation, and production
16.30 Group discussions

The workshop will be held in English and is open to all image-makers, researchers, and writers. Please register via this form.

Seda Yıldız (Istanbul, 1989) is an independent curator and writer based in Hamburg and Istanbul. Having a background in art practice, design, and literature, her transdisciplinary practice spans curating, writing, and editing. Her research interests comprise artist collectives and self-archiving practices, focusing on collaborative approaches to publicizing art. Conviviality and friendship are central values in her artistic work. Currently, she is working on curatorial projects to be realized at the Kunstpavillon & Neue Galerie Innsbruck (2023) and Škuc Gallery Ljubljana (2023).

Rob van Leijsen (Tilburg, 1983) is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and writer based in Geneva, Switzerland. He runs his own design studio next to his teaching position at the Visual Communication Department of HEAD–Genève. In 2012, he obtained a master’s degree in Design Spaces and Communication at HEAD–Genève with his graduation project “Art Handling in Oblivion.” Bringing together five art collections stolen during wartime, this catalog was published by Edition Fink in 2014. His most recent book is the bilingual essay Copy, Tweak, Paste: Methods of Appropriation in Reenacted Artists’ Books (Editions Clinamen, 2020).