Chorus Workshop and Performance

Škart (Dragan Protić, Đorđe Balmazović)

Salt Galata

June 9 – June 10, 2023

Horkeskart Choir Performing In Ljubljana Within The Frame Of Mladi Levi Festival 2006 Horkeškart korosunun Mladi Levi Festivali kapsamında Ljubljana’da (Slovenya) gerçekleştirdiği performanstan kare, 2016
Horkeškart choir performing in Ljubljana (Slovenia) as part of the Mladi Levi Festival, 2016

The chorus workshop and performance will be spreading across Salt Galata, as part of the public program What Knows What, What is What?, organized by independent curator and writer Seda Yıldız, Belgrade-based collective Škart, and graphic designer Rob van Leijsen.

Collective voice + collective rhythm + collective risk of imperfection >>> encourages small-steps-creativity.

No pressure and no measure, public rehearsal includes all present participants.
Let’s try, again, again, why not?

This free-admission program will take place on Friday, June 9 between 17.00-19.00 and on Saturday, June 10 between 15.00-19.00. The workshop is open to all. Please register via this form.

Škart was founded in 1990 in the graphics studio at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture. Dealing with poetry, music, graphic design, and alternative education, the collective’s first decade (1990-2000) was marked by self-released (samizdat) anti-war resistance projects and their sharing on the streets. In the second decade (2000-2010), the group co-founded several collectives and initiatives: Horkeškart and Proba choirs, children’s choirs Deca sa meseca and AprilZMAJun, Defiant Pensioners poetry group, NONpractical Women embroidery group. Since 2010, the collective has been experimenting with site-specific workshops, animated poetry forms, comics, documentary illustrations, and film.