MAY 1 – AUGUST 31, 2012

Kraliçe Contrast screenshot                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kraliçe Contrast screenshot
Kraliçe Contrast screenshot
Kraliçe is a typographic system by Project Projects that explores the transformation of immaterial goods through networks. Originally created as the identity program for SALT, Kraliçe is an open system that allows for accrued meaning over time. The institutional mark is distributed throughout the typeface as the four letters S-A-L-T. New designers are invited to reinterpret these four embedded characters on an ongoing basis, thereby reframing both the typeface and institution’s identity. The typeface may also come to find usages and audiences beyond its intended context for SALT.

Kraliçe is based on the typeface Queen (2004) by Timo Gaessner, 123buero.

Version 1.0, December 2010: Kraliçe Open; Timo Gaessner, with S-A-L-T letters by Project Projects, New York

Version 2.0, September 2011: Kraliçe Marble; S-A-L-T letters by Dries Wiewauters

Version 3.0, January 2012: Kraliçe Uncertain; S-A-L-T letters by Sulki & Min

Version 4.0, May 2012: Kraliçe Contrast; S-A-L-T letters by Alpkan Kırayoğlu

Version 5.0, September 2012: Kraliçe 2way; S-A-L-T letters by Thirst

Version 6.0, January 2013: Kraliçe Hacked; S-A-L-T letters by ECAL/Anna Bitzer

Version 7.0, January 2014: Kraliçe Color; S-A-L-T letters by Sueh Li Tan

Version 8.0, November 2014: Kraliçe Deep Blue; S-A-L-T letters by Åbäke

Version 9.0, October 2015: Kraliçe Schizoid; S-A-L-T letters by Sarp Sözdinler

Version 10, August 2016: Kraliçe Raw; S-A-L-T letters by Ömer Faruk Güven

Version 11, March 2017: Kraliçe Coexist; S-A-L-T letters by İpek Erdöl

Version 12, December 2017: Kraliçe Ornament; S-A-L-T letters by Khajag Apelian